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Feel Like Writing Today?

The new NBA 20/21 season has started. Write about a time you were on a winning or a losing team and what you learned from that.

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Wonder Woman of Words: Sharon S. Darrow

To celebrate Women's History Month, we showcase Writing Wonder Woman: Sharon S. Darrow, our Author of the Month. Sharon writes in several genres, publishes many authors’ books, and serves as a leader of Northern California Publishers & Authors. Q: You are so...

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Novella women reach out for brass rings

FEBRUARY’S AUTHOR OF THE MONTH—Michelle aka M. L. HAMILTON 2018 was the Year of the Woman, with the #metoo movement, the wave of women elected to offices all across America, and author Michelle Hamilton inspired to make 2019 The Year of Discovery with a series of...

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Gifting Readers on the Spiritual Path

In the season of holy holidays, I'm delighted to feature my friend, Nancy Schoellkopf, as December Author of the Month. Q: Ghost Owl: Sacred Path into Darkness is the third book in your Avian series. What inspired you to write it? I’m very proud of Ghost Owl because...

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Meet author extraordinaire, Michele Drier

We are delighted to feature Michele Drier, author of the Amy Hobbes Newspaper Mysteries, the standalone Ashes of Memories, and The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, a Paranormal Romance series, as our September Author of the Month. Q: How did you get started writing...

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I find myself grateful for author Linda Townsdin and her series of Spirit Lake Mysteries: Focused on Murder, Close Up on Murder, and Blow Up on Murder. I had a chance to learn some of Linda's trade secrets and am happy to serve them up for mystery lovers today. Q: You...

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Keyboards in the Cathedral

Welcome to the Trinity Writing Group, based on the AWA method and following their practices, listed below, to establish a safe environment where everyone is free to explore within their own writing and listen to each other with respect. 1. Everyone’s writing,...

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Gorilla Girl caught up with popular author Catherine McGreevy this month, when some brides figured out a way around covid-19 stoppers and are hoping to live happily ever after with "the one." Love, as we know, is always in season, particularly inside the covers of...

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