Gorilla Girl was able to hold onto MUD long enough for a Q & A session this week. Readers and writers of all ages can see inside the mind of this cool young newcomer to the literary scene–The Raven’s Nest is available at amazon in e-book and paperback formats at present. Watch for more to come from the world of the raven.

Gorilla Girl Ink
Q&A with MUD
February 2018

Q: Can you share a bit about your journey to becoming a writer/published author? It all started back when I wrote “The Mad Hairstyle” in middle school, which was lost when our old computer died. Ever since then I have wanted to write another far fetched fantasy story.

Q: The Raven’s Nest is the first book in your series. Where did the inspiration for this series come from? The inspiration came from the adventures I’ve had over the last few years, mixed with a few odd (night time) dreams that I haven’t forgotten.

Q: Did you have several story lines ready before you started the series with The Raven’s Nest (book 1)? I had really only planned an ending to the story before I started. The beginning and middle were actually written after the ending, and inspiration for other books was developed along the way.

Q: Where did the inspiration for the characters come from? The characters were inspired by the real people who they represent, with varying degrees of similarity. I have many more characters that will be introduced in later books, all of whom represent a real person I have met.

Q: As an author – what do you enjoy most about writing process? What feels like a chore? What I enjoy most about writing is how freely I can express myself. My style of writing is quite unfiltered and just puts a smile on my face. The hard part is going back to make sure things actually make sense and aren’t just wasting the readers time.

Q: How do your organize your time when working on a new book? I don’t really organize my time at all while writing; I write when I want to and do something else when I don’t. I find forcing myself to write a certain amount just takes away the enjoyment for me and results in a poor story. I primarily write on my mobile phone which allows me to go somewhere interesting and be more inspired.

Q: What would you most like readers to know about you? I would like readers to know that I am very open to input and criticism. If readers wish to ask me something or give me their opinion, then I am all ears. I may not agree with what they have to say, but am very interested in their reasoning.

Q: Any advice for other young authors wanting to write books in this genre? My advice to other authors is don’t be afraid to put something on paper. Make your book how you want it, not how someone tells you it should be. Don’t just make a cookie cutter story that lives happily ever after. Throw some sidewinders in there, make it interesting. Or don’t, it’s completely up to you as a writer.