We called them Kings Balls Tuesday in honor of the Kings win over Orlando Magic–a magical twist ending!


Vegetarian Porcupine Balls
Aka Kings Balls
in honor of Kings beating
Orlando Magic January 23, 2018
Makes 6 servings of aprox. 350 calories each


For balls:
1 lb. Quorn Grounds, thawed
1 onion, finely chopped
1 c. long grain white rice
1 c. rice or hemp milk
1 t. Kitchen Bouquet
1 T. Orrington Farms vegan Broth Base, beef flavor
1 T. molasses
1 t. vinegar
½ c. coconut oil, warmed to liquid (put in at the end when mixture is not cold or will form into hard balls)
2 eggs OR for vegan, 2 T. chia seeds soaked in ½ c. water 15 minutes plus cracker crumbs or whole wheat flour to help bind into balls

Mix well and form into 12 balls. Place in a large greased baking dish 9 x 13 or larger.

For tomato gravy/sauce:
2 cans Tomato Soup (14-20 oz. each—I prefer Campbell’s)
1 c. rice or hemp milk
1 c. water (sauce needs to be watery to cook rice in baking process)

Mix well and very gently pour over shaped balls in the baking dish. If going vegan, try layering in the Quorn mixture, scoring it with a pancake turner to form deep grooves for cutting into later, then pouring sauce gently as a top layer. Kind of make porcupine “squares,” so to speak.

Cover with foil or other cover, bake in a 375 oven 1 hour, uncover, bake in 400 over for 15-20 more minutes. Serve over “sticky” white or regular brown rice alongside steamed green beans.