vector map of  Ireland  with cities

vector map of Ireland with cities

Audioproducer Cynthia Hemminger brings to life the Irish accents so central to suspense in House of Eire: Hillary Broome book 3. The audiobook is scheduled for release around June 10 via and other outlets.

Hemminger has more than 15 audiobooks to her credit, including 10 mysteries and thrillers. As soon as the audiobook goes live on my Amazon page click on the free sample and give her a listen.

What a couple recent reviews have to say:

A murder mystery set in Ireland, filled with a cast of ghosts and spirits from the ethereal Irish past that seem to wreak havoc in the present. Bridget, a local, wishes to thwart the development of a pleasure park that she believes would obscure the real attractions of the land and the people who suffered here in the recent past. Somebody does not agree with Bridget’s obstruction of the project and tries to intimidate her with hints of spectral harm. Hillary, come from California on holiday and to research her Irish roots, wishes she had come earlier to help Bridget. Suspense grows, leading to two murders, finally culminating in a cliff-hanger ending. A good read.

Who doesn’t love the beauty of Ireland? However, House of Eire is a mystery/adventure where you learn about the tragic history of 1800’s Galway–things you didn’t know that will make your hair stand on end. This is a plot-worthy Hillary Broome novel, where she becomes involved in a murder despite warnings not to stay in Galway. Hillary wants to understand where her ancestors spent their life and becomes involved in dark secrets. As a character, she is tenacious and insightful. Her cousin, Bridget’s project— a museum (to provide history of Ireland’s 1800’s) is met with hostility and dismay from the town. I enjoy Gillam’s writing and unique prose, feelings of ghostly inhabitants, bogs and unsettling elements that only she can describe. Enjoy this third book in the Hillary Broom novel series. You won’t be disappointed.