SO SWEET AGAINST YOUR TEETH: Poems from Childhood’s Fall is being released today by for your listening pleasure. I feel so honored to have Michelle Volz of Motivex, Inc., produce my chapbook!

So Sweet Against Your Teeth by June Gillam is a heart-ride. Get ready! Because from the seemingly simple settings of childhood come powerful tugs–and yes-zingers. They let us know who the writer is at depth and how she got that way, often by means of something like a stone shot from a hidden sling. And we find we know something about a deep foundation of her adulthood and at the same time share an hitherto unexpressed secret of our own adulthood from childhood–not the same circumstance, but the identifiable deep and lasting mark laid down within us. Don’t miss the experience of this exceptional book of poems. Find a private place … and time to let it do its good work. Bravo to June Gillam for this deeply thoughtful gift to us. –review by Zoe Keithley, Sacramento, California

This is a wonderful collection that takes the reader through the author’s sometimes painful childhood. The poems can be understood but still maintain the beautiful mysteriousness that is inherent in poetry that grapples with human emotion. I’ve read through a number of them several times and each read reveals a new insight. Really just a tremendous little book. –review by Carl T. Mealie, Tracy, CA United States

Also appreciate the review by Reene Abbott in Auburn Journal April 2016 and run in Goodreads.

Woman Song Book 2 is coming along now! Working Title: A STAY-AT-HOME WHAT???