At Working Mommy Journal, it was heart-warming to see how well Hillary’s travels and travails were understood, as did “Working Mommy,” who also felt the anguish of the Irish people in the pages of the book. I just had to share some of her review and hope you go to the link above for the full piece.

“A wonderful thrilling adventure full of suspense, mystery and history. … The plot line falls in perfectly with the history of Ireland. … you literally can not put the book down as it is that exciting! The murder, suspense and never truly knowing what was going to happen next was thrilling. House of Eire is well written, laid out, with amazing characters and an even better plot. You will easily fall in love with this story!”

Mystery Suspense Reviews calls House of Eire an “entertaining” novel in the Hillary Broome series and Merry says she wants to go back and read House of Cuts and House of Dads, now. She goes on to say: “The book was a fast novel that was very engaging. . . The characters with their flaws and strengths were well portrayed. Hillary and her husband Ed were a refreshingly well-adjusted couple. It would make a terrific summer beach read or a delightful stormy day-by-the-fire read. Give it a try.”