Just now filled out the online BOE CA Board of Equalization (sales tax) forms–so easy after you do it a few times! I send in a paper check because the first time I tried an echeck, that didn’t work, so I feel more secure sending a paper check.

It’s still a tiny amount I owe so far, but I enjoy this part of running a business. Years ago, my husband was building a ferrocement boat in the back yard–true! In order to get supplies at a discount for us and our boatbuilding friends, I created a small business I named Comarsh Ferrocraft. Had business cards made, too. It was a thrill to get my business license down at Sac City Hall and then a Board of Equalization resale number so I could buy wholesale.

The IRS and BOE paperwork didn’t bother me at the time since it felt like a sort of abstract world of numbers where everything added up in a rational way–felt like a calm world compared to the creative and chaotic one of raising five children, going back to college, and cheerleading for hubby in the backyard building his boat.

Our yard backed up to McClatchy High School’s parking lot. The high school students would walk by and call out “Hello, Noah!!!” Sad to say, the boat actually lasted longer than the marriage, but even the boat didn’t fare that well. Hubby learned he liked building better than sailing, and life took some zigzagged earthbound and fatal pathways for him soon.

The down-to-earth work of figuring out taxes is not all that hard, if you stay patient and repeat as needed the mantra: I can do this.