In case you want to play around creating a simple trailer for a book or anything similar, here’s how I made this trailer for House of Cuts, book one in the Hillary Broome Novels.

First, I watched a dozen or so trailers of novels I admire such as this one for Double Dexter. Not ready for video clips in a trailer yet, I instead wanted to begin by using MacBook Air’s Ken Burns effect tool which allows for zooming in and out on still images.

Then I wrote a short script of what I wanted to say about House of Cuts. From that, I created a list of ten images needed to convey the main points of the plotline. Next, I shopped around for images to buy since I didn’t want to risk copyright issues. Shutterstock turned out to be the best source for the images I needed. However, ten images would have cost around $100! So I pared the list to five images and signed up for $50 for those.

The images work nicely, except that Hillary Broome looks a bit younger than her 35 years, but oh well! I chose this image because Hillary has gray eyes and red hair as does the woman in the image I bought.

The other images were free and/or my own. The easy part was that MacBook Air’s iMovie has a “trailer making” tool built in. This includes music and titles, etc., which really helps the overall project. Still I had to try three times before getting a trailer produced that was close to what I’d envisioned when writing the script.

Now to try making a trailer for House of Dads! Even creating a trailer for the yet unpublished House of Eire could be useful to help me firm up the overall plotline–think I’ll go do that now.

Happy New Year, Writers and Readers on Planet Earth!!!