I’m excited about the weeks ahead focused on writing fiction & supporting each other. My overall plan is to give participants some basic information in the first few weeks & some writing exercises for everyone to do.

Then we will form into small groups meeting in online forums. Each group can decide if they want me to be an active member or simply to observe and comment if needed. Each group member will participate in applying their knowledge to help create a specific writing action plan. After that, each writer will go away from the group and individually carry out that plan while keeping track of the process.

A few days later, the small groups will regather in their forums & discuss the results so far. Learning from that, they will create a second useful action plan and repeat the cycle. I expect four cycles like this, which should allow people to create several stories.

Then those rough drafts can sit and cool while writers select a Midpoint Project that’s useful for their writing. Finally, I‘ll give information & exercises focused on revising rough drafts. Then writers can revise one of their stories and share their final drafts. Those who are interested can publish an ebook of stories.

Sounds like a fabulous time, playing in writerland!