More than 80 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them—and should write it, going by the statistics. That’s about 200 million wannabe writers, a whopping number. Some aim to write fiction–whether short, medium or long–and others lean toward memoir or other sorts of non-fiction. Common advice for these folks is to join a writer’s group.

How can a writing group help aspiring writers? Watch for a new blog, tentatively titled “FictionIn4colors: Writing Alone in a Group,” to be released in mid-January. It’s for online students in Creative Writing, Short Stories, offered at Delta College, starting January 21, 2014.

The class is full, but the FictionIn4Colors blog will also be open to the public. Three times a week, the blog will offer steps in Cooperative Inquiry for individual writers to work together and create engaging stories by paying attention to Bill Torbert’s four territories of human experience: the passionate, the logical, the actions, and the obstacles. For easy recall, Carol Welsh gave each territory its own color. June Gillam set them into a “Hot Spot Grid” © for the writing process and outcome. More will be revealed to blog subscribers here.