For your summer road trip pleasure… drive across Ireland with Hillary

Audioproducer Cynthia Hemminger brings to life the Irish accents so central to suspense in House of Eire: Hillary Broome book 3. The audiobook is scheduled for release around June 10 via and other outlets. Hemminger has more than 15 audiobooks to her credit, including 10 mysteries and thrillers. As Continue Reading

She likes Hillary Broome in the World as She Sees It…

I loved the review from Margaret Tidwell who describes herself this way “I’m a 31-year-old blogger. I write about my life and my struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. I also am a huge book worm and because of that I review tons of books so other people can get ideas of Continue Reading


Thanks to Linda Townsdin, a dear Sister in Crime, I’ve been “tagged” to highlight my next “big thing.” After than, I’m tagging some writer/blogger friends to pass it on for the fun of it. *Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing* What is your working title of your book? Continue Reading


I’m working on my blog post for April 24, in response to being tagged by the talented writer Linda Townsdin, to play in the “Next Big Thing” interview series. It’s been called an international tag game among writers. One writer tags another writer to answer interview questions about an upcoming Continue Reading