Listen along to and Woman Song Book 1

SO SWEET AGAINST YOUR TEETH: Poems from Childhood’s Fall is being released today by for your listening pleasure. I feel so honored to have Michelle Volz of Motivex, Inc., produce my chapbook! So Sweet Against Your Teeth by June Gillam is a heart-ride. Get ready! Because from the seemingly Continue Reading

Nanowrimo Done!

Over 40,000 raw first-draft words completed for book 3, House of Eire, in the Hillary Broome Novel series! Useful start and will finish in summer of 2014 or so. Now to spend the rest of November polishing book 2, House of Dads, see Draft Cover below, to get it off Continue Reading


Thanks to Linda Townsdin, a dear Sister in Crime, I’ve been “tagged” to highlight my next “big thing.” After than, I’m tagging some writer/blogger friends to pass it on for the fun of it. *Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing* What is your working title of your book? Continue Reading