iPhone Lament

First draft of today’s poem: First thing in the morning Enter passcode to update later tonight or later the forced choice from my iPhone stands at the top of the screen blocking me until I decide why this madness to update all the time? what’s wrong with letting it be? Continue Reading

Listen along to Audible.com and Woman Song Book 1

SO SWEET AGAINST YOUR TEETH: Poems from Childhood’s Fall is being released today by Audible.com for your listening pleasure. I feel so honored to have Michelle Volz of Motivex, Inc., produce my chapbook! So Sweet Against Your Teeth by June Gillam is a heart-ride. Get ready! Because from the seemingly Continue Reading

Got measles?

Here’s hoping you and yours are not coming down with measles now that they are going around again in 2015. Years ago in the 50s, my sisters and I all had measles, mumps, and chicken pox over a period of about six weeks or so. Our Christian Science mother “doctored” Continue Reading

Found Poems!!!

Fifteen people enjoyed finding poems Aug. 24 at Arden-Dimick Library in Sacramento. I’ve been told I should take the workshop on the road *:) Until that gets rolling, here are the directions if you want to try it at home: Steps to Create a Found Poem 1. Let several magazines Continue Reading

Yikes, not yum or yuk!

Just submitted article #2 to Ezine–Poetry As a Spiritual Practice. Their automatic editor popped up with the comment that I could not use the term “transcendental meditation”!!! So interesing, eh? Why not? Who makes that decision? Not time to follow through and find out, but… So I changed it to Continue Reading