Good Luck Writing Prompts for March 8, 2018

In this month focused on St. Patrick, many lively thoughts come to mind. Here are three to bounce off of, as suits your fancy: 1. What has brought you good luck? 2. Describe someone you know you will love forever and how you know that. 3. When did you hear Continue Reading

Let’s hear it for audiobooks!

Loved the KINGS RIVER LIFE review of House of Cuts and House of Dads on Audible! And glad to see Kathleen Costa give credit for the talented Ginny Harman‘s voice and production talents. It is not easy to make an audiobook as my friends Susan Rushton and Pauline Nevins know! Continue Reading

Nanowrimo Done!

Over 40,000 raw first-draft words completed for book 3, House of Eire, in the Hillary Broome Novel series! Useful start and will finish in summer of 2014 or so. Now to spend the rest of November polishing book 2, House of Dads, see Draft Cover below, to get it off Continue Reading

Book 3 in nanowrimo progress!

Okay, today is Nov. 15–all nanowrimoers, so to speak, need to be at 25,000 words today to be at the halfway point. I’ve got 1,401 more words to type this afternoon, and Book 3 in the Hillary Broome Novels will be half-drafted *:)