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House of Hoops

By June Gillam

Coming October 7, 2020.

~ Fiction ~

By June Gillam

Hillary Broome flies to Ireland to research her departed ancestors but gets tripped up by ghostly specters haunting her journey from Dublin by way of Cork and ending at Galway Bay, where she must tread some dark waters.

By June Gillam

House of Dads opens in December of 2005 during the peak of the housing construction boom, when Hillary’s cousin Theodore Broome, heir to the most powerful real estate development corporation in California, collapses and dies at an Irish wake, drawing Hillary into a network of jealousy, greed, and secrets that could topple financial enterprises and wipe out family corporations.

In the midst of deciding whether or not to marry detective Ed Kiffin, Hillary must find out if cousin Teddy’s death was an accident or fratricide—the outcome of passive-aggressive sibling rivalry—aimed from his twin sister Violet, who is willing to kill her own mother to protect her power in Broome Construction Corporation, control of which passed to her at Teddy’s death. Buffeted by uncovering shocking family secrets, Hillary must stop Violet from committing matricide that could spill over and put Hillary’s life in danger, as well.

By June Gillam

When dismembered managers begin turning up inside a small town’s only superstore, reporter Hillary Broome finally has something interesting to write about. Her articles on the grisly murders catapult her into the national limelight, threatening to expose the shameful secret that could ruin her career . . . as well as bringing her to the murderer’s attention. Now Hillary must work with detective Eddie Kiffin to solve the case before they become the next victims.

~ Poetry ~

So Sweet Against Your Teeth

So Sweet Against Your Teeth

Poems from Childhood’s Fall

By June Gillam

Bite into poetry set in the small-town Sacramento, California, culture of World War II. Mixed in with some juicy sweetness, these poems also express struggles of being born female during the Father-Knows-Best era, along with issues over living with divorced parents, unusual back then.

A related piece is the story of Gillam’s innocent participation in Pearl Harbor Day, told in her award-winning creative non-fiction, “Was ‘V’ Just for Victory?”

~ Nonfiction ~

Creating Juicy Tales

Creating Juicy Tales: Cooperative Inquiry into Writing Stories

A small group journeys through action/reflection cycles — a holistic methodology to improve craft

By June Gillam

Many writers hope to create compelling stories but may fail to build effective conflict or tension among their characters, thus causing readers to drift away. To improve their practice of writing dramatic narrative, seven middle-class American white women journey through the process of Cooperative Inquiry — a qualitative research methodology — to learn from the experience of forming key questions and specific action plans focused on the topic of creating conflict in story.

Over one semester’s time, this small group moves though deepening cycles of action and reflection, building their craft skills from the inside out, and discovering along the way how writing juicy tales is like making love.

Their discoveries include inner and outer methods for writing stories containing tension as well as experiential “felt” criteria for recognizing not only when they are in the process of writing compelling stories but also when their output demonstrates successful achievement of such stories.

Writers who want to keep readers hooked will find guidance and inspiration here, along with story structure tools such as the author’s original “Hot Spot Grid.”