Perfect for Shelter in Place Readers. Find out what authors sharing your Sun Sign have written. In PLAY AMONG THE STARS, check out your zodiac sign to find the books your horoscope “twin” wrote.

PLAY AMONG THE STARS reveals at least 15 authors in each horoscope sign who’ve written books you may fall in love with: classics, best-sellers and indie authors in each of the 12 signs.


PLAY AMONG THE STARS: FIND THE BOOKS FOR YOU. So handy for the duration of the corona virus pandemic shelter at home time.

Leave a Reply here on what you learned from this book. I may use your thoughts in the second edition.






2 Responses to How your horoscope sign points to the books for you

  1. Karen Phillips says:

    June, this is a wonderful resource. I had never thought to read authors who are under the same astrology sign as me!

  2. Stella Mary says:

    Looks like I missed it. Anyways, the horoscope is a very interesting term for each of us. We are always curious to know about what happens in the future. Thank you.

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