This week’s writing prompts ask for your Day at the Fair stories:

A memorable day at the fair

Favorite food at the fair

Favorite ride at the fair

Favorite exhibit at the fair

Here’s what I got at Trinity Writing Group:

My favorite food at the fair is a corn dog. I only allow myself to have one per year, at the CA State Fair. I’m always tempted to get a Jumbo Dog but discipline myself to get a regular though I put plenty of mustard on it. I limit the dogs because since the early 70s I’ve approached eating them with trepidation, considering the widely known cancer causing ingredients such as nitrites, nitrates, potassium lactate, sodium phosphates, and sodium diacetate, to name a few.

When I was a student at Sac City College back in the early 70s, the cafeteria made their own hot dog buns. These were not really buns but loaves of freshly back bread about a third larger than the typical hot dog bun. The kitchen staff would poke the top of each bun with a sharp knife, causing a slit in it, often just as I was standing in the cafeteria line. Then with tongs, the staff person would dunk a wiener in each bun, pushing it down a bit with the tips of the tongs. There it sat, steaming, yeasty, fragrant. Irresistible. I have to admit that I got hooked on them and even started having two for lunch on the two days a week I spent at Sac City.

I was also a member of Sacramento’s original Natural Food Coop, just around the corner on Freeport Blvd. from our house and soon in their newsletter along came the news of all the nitrites, nitrates, etc. Thank the health food gods, I quickly found an article that advised if you ate something high in Vitamin C along with hot dogs, you negated the harm. So, even though I was not an orange juice drinker, for a couple years as a fulltime mother of five and a part-time college student, I relished the flavor, yeasty aroma, and mouth-feel textures of those yummy Sac City College hot dogs along with a super tall glass of orange juice. Maybe I should be sure to get an Orange Julius this year at the fair, to go with my corn dog.

I will be at the CA State Fair Authors Booth Friday, July 13, and Monday, July 16. Come say Hi if you’re in the Counties Building A/B; the authors are next to the Cinnabon Booth.

3 Responses to It’s Fair Time!

  1. June Gillam says:

    I love corn dogs!

  2. robert eiland says:

    would like to visit the author’s booth on the 16th

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