The fifth month is about over already!!!! Time is speeding up as always, the year nearly half over so soon. Flex your fingers and see what you get from one of these prompts, or combine them as some of our Trinity Writers do.

1. alarm clock

2. commencements

3. aging

If you feel like it, post what you come up with here as a Reply Comment. Let me know if you want me to comment privately or make it public for my readers to enjoy.


One Response to Last Day of May

  1. Barb Chandler says:

    June: You may read this.

    Thanks for writing prompts for those who don’t attend.

    When I was in Stephen Ministry I heard a person saying that “Aging is like walking through a minefield.” I agree with her assessment but would add that; “With the accumulated knowledge that comes with aging we learn better ways to navigate the minefield and cope with the many unexpected detonations in life.”
    I like to think I’ve learned to cope, at least for the most part, through the detonations/ losses I’ve experienced recently. I can think of two off hand. One is the loss of freedom. I can no longer walk without the assistance of a walker and cannot drive. I’ve learned how to cope with these losses. Many of which have involved saying “good-bye” to things I’ve taken for granted. The second is the potential loss of a spouse. It came very close, but thankfully never happened. I learned to cope in ways I never thought I could with the help of a dedicated support system. I think the most important lessons that I’ve gleaned from these losses is to never take anything for granted as they may be snuffed out in the blink of an eye and be grateful for what you can and cannot do.

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