First draft of today’s poem:

First thing in the morning

Enter passcode to
update later tonight



the forced choice from my iPhone
stands at the top of the screen
blocking me until I decide

why this madness to update
all the time? what’s wrong
with letting it be?

like in the old days
when a man came home
from work at 5 o’clock

satisfied after the day’s
labor, why this mad rush
to improve, this grind for
constant updates?

what’s wrong with leaving
it just the way it is? I like
it just the way it is, I don’t
want to have to climb the
learning ladder so often,
the new operating system
ladder, leaning against
the cliff of time, each ladder
stacked above the one we’re
on, a living tower of glass
that wants to reach to heaven,
where the hell are they trying
to take us?

©June Gillam
May 13, 2018

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