Veganuary = Vegan plus January. To celebrate this month of healthy eating, I baked a vegan Shepherd’s Pie and typed my ingredients and how-to steps into MyFitnessPal (can you find the misspelling?) June's Shepard Pie

Two takeaways: vegan can be de-lish and MyFitnessPal is like magic–lets you create your own recipes and have the calories, etc., pop right up for you to track in the app.

Here’s the invitation: type “June’s Shepard’s Pie with Mushrooms” into your own MyFitnessPal and see if it comes up for you. If so, Reply here to let me know, Message me your email address and I’ll email you the recipe for free and describe the process for creating your own recipes in MyFitnessPal.

And if you don’t want to cook it yourself, check out the Vegan Grill at a Sac Kings game in Golden 1 Center. The sausage and the burgers are perfect for veganuary!

Next week, my chickpea burgers!