Please leave a comment here if you are a writer in California’s Central Valley. I would love to hear about what you are writing at the moment or have just released. Related to my House of Eire, just out this summer, it was a surprise to find the interview I did a few months ago in Manteca with 209 Magazine writer Doane Yawger transformed into this article. Always interesting to see how one’s words spoken into the air show up on paper! Or on device screens *:)

I’m using Scrivener for my work-in-progress House of Hoops, which will be centered around basketball at all levels. Scrivener is powerful but tricky to learn. I’m glad to have Gwen Hernandez’s book Scrivener for Dummies at hand plus be in contact with her to ask about specific issues as I know they will pop up. I tried Scrivener a few years ago but gave up. This time I am determined to tame the beast! Getting my Gorilla Girl ready to take it on!

Let me know your experiences with Scrivener, good, bad and ugly, if you’d like to brag or vent.


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