House of Dads ebook is out in time for summer reading, and it might make this hot weather feel cool in comparison to the book’s “dizzying drive to disaster,” as one advance reviewer notes:

A master maker of labyrinths–and of labyrinths within labyrinths–June Gillam has done it again in this newest novel. The reader immediately and hopelessly is drawn, aghast, fascinated and unable to pry loose from the dizzying drive to disaster coming for so long from who knows where, through who knows whom. Masterful plotting and building of place and persons makes this new book yet another enveloping and absorbing work–and a holiday for the reader, if not for the characters. Make sure you tuck it into your suitcase or briefcase to make travel-time fly. And when you get back from your trip, you’ll be recommending it to a friend!

–Zoe Keithley, 3/Chicago, The Calling of Mother Adelli

House of Dads is available here.
The publisher, Gorilla Girl Ink, welcomes reviews on Amazon!

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