I’m so excited to be going to Moke Hill in the Sierra Nevada foothills for the annual Gold Rush Writers Conference! This is a small, intimate gathering in the historic Hotel Leger, said by some to be haunted! For sure it was the locale of many couples in years gone by for community events, dinners, etc. It is said that after dinner, the menfolk would disappear for what they said was coffee and brandy but actually they would travel under the main street in a tunnel to the red-light house on the other side! Not certain of the truth of this legend, but I’ve seen the now-boarded up entrance to the tunnel in the Leger’s basement!

I’m looking forward to the many workshops and panels offered at the conference! Also to reading poetry from So Sweet Against Your Teeth and reading from House of Dads, the second Hillary Broome Novel to be released later this month.

Let’s hope I don’t annoy any of the many writers at the conference and suffer from what this joke coffee cup warns:

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