In order to begin to know each other, people in this course can write introductions to themselves, including dipping into the “four colors,” so to speak. Here are some questions to consider in shaping introductions:

What are my hopes and dreams, my vision for myself as a writer? (red—mission)

Do I have plans for myself as a writer? If so, what are they? (blue—strategy)

What actions have I and/or do I take to manifest myself as a writer? (purple—operations)

What outcomes have I achieved so far? (green—outcome)

Other things to ask and answer: How can I evaluate my outcomes to date? What would I like to get out of this course to help me write better stories?

Here’s an introduction to my June Gillam’s writer self as of January 20, 2014. This can serve as an example of a 4color introduction.

I dream of getting more of my thriller/suspense novels finished and published. I hope to get the best parts of my past writings collected, edited, and published including poems, memoir, ideas/essays and fiction. I hope to rewrite and reform some of my past published writings into ebooks and indie published books plus get more produced as audiobooks.

My current plans include polishing my second novel, House of Dads, and getting it published as soon as possible, hopefully before the State Fair in July so I can be there again in the Authors Booth. I plan to write a “fish or cut bait” short story to submit for an anthology being done by the Guppies in Sisters in Crime. I plan to write a brief version of my dissertation book and indie publish it under my Gorilla Girl Ink business.

I also plan to keep participating in my writer critique groups and going to workshops and conferences. Learning all the time is exciting and essential for me.

Most mornings, my actions include that I write soon after arising, meditating for ten minutes, and having coffee. I usually have at least one writing project going at a time. I have three different places I write different things in: upstairs on my iMac desktop computer or in one of the bedrooms on my ancient iBook, or downstairs in the dining room on my iPad with Pages. Most evenings I read for about an hour, usually fiction but often non-fiction as well. Right now I’m reading The Shining by Stephen King; Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership by William Torbert; and On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan.

I have shelves and file drawers full of writing plus loads of computer files, too. I’ve been published in student newspapers and magazines, in online magazines, in small literary magazines, in an academic press, and via my own independent publishing company, Gorilla Girl Ink. I have joined and/or co-created writing support groups since the late 1970s, including The Sacramento Feminist Writers Group. I have degrees earned by way of various kinds of writing. I am teaching writing keeping in mind and heart the philosophy I first heard back in the early 1990s from my colleague who taught Speech: we are all teaching what we most need to learn.

I am happy with some of my outcomes because they express my own truth in various ways. I am not happy with them because they don’t seem to have gathered many readers but I’m not sure how I really feel about that yet.

Next, I’d like to learn to try to get across the value of using cooperative inquiry to build writing powers, including my own. I’d like to participate in any small groups in this course that would like to have me join them.


Writers in the Delta course can follow the Module guidelines for their Introductions.

After the introductions and responses to each other’s we can turn to the basics of story and to thinking about what Topics to form small groups around.