An Open Mea Culpa!

Gorilla Girl Ink apologizes to readers who downloaded the free House of Cuts on April 1, 2013, and found it full of gobbledygook symbols in the place of punctuation marks. This was due to the ebook’s being re-uploaded around the middle of March in order to make a few tiny changes. Unfortunately, the editor at Gorilla Girl Ink did not “review” the new upload and did not discover the problem until a kind reader from New York, who had uploaded the free eBook early on April 1, contacted us to report the awful truth—no fooling!

So the horrible joke was on us. We unpublished the Amazon eBook House of Cuts right away and uploaded the “clean” version, but that process cancelled the free download for that day. Gorilla Girl Ink will offer the eBook form of the thriller again at $0.00 on these dates and hope readers will try it again:

Monday, April 15 (Tax day)
Wednesday, May 1 (Mayday)
Friday, May 31 (Summer vacation starts for many)
Wednesday, June 5 (My KDP Amazon free day ends soon)

June Gillam, Publisher
Gorilla Girl Ink