It’s been a satisfying climb up the learning ladder since January when I first heard about ACX from my friend Michele Drier, author of the popular SNAP vampire romance series. Her book Plague: A Love Story was produced as an audiobook by Ben Maclaine, who gives the history of how these charming characters became vampires a rich Euro flavor in his deep voice with a slight Transylvanian accent.

I went to the ACX website and read up on this fabulous opportunity to create books for folks on the go, using an easy-to-download technology. At ACX, authors can shop around for a style of voice to read their book, listen to samples of these “voices,” and then send out proposals to the voice’s owners, asking if they are interested in producing the book as an audiobook. Authors can propose to pay the producer or to split royalties with the producer. Then the audiobooks when done can be offered for sale on Amazon, and itunes.

For me, it was back and fourth among three producers, and I chose Ginny Harman, a vibrant radio personality in the LA area. I then uploaded a pdf file of House of Cuts to my ACX project space, and Ginny created a sample audio file of Chapter One for me. Once that approval process was complete, we were off to the “in production” phase.

In between each of us catching a bad virus, it’s taken a couple months to get the project to its nearly done stage. I love her warm, clear voice for both the male and female characters in House of Cuts. I’m now listening to all 51 chapters and making notes of the few spots where I think changes are needed. For example, those little clear marbles kids play with are mentioned in this novel. I had typed the word for them as “puree” and Ginny had pronounced that as “pure-a” the way you do for foods. So, I noted the pronunciation should be “pure-ee” instead. That’s how we said it when I was young, anyway! Purees were pronounced “pure–ees.”

I finished reviewing the audio clips through Chapter 20 this morning but have to go to a writer’s group now, so will do the other 31 chapters Monday. I’m hoping the audiobook House of Cuts can be released around March 22, in time for me to spend Spring Break from Delta College promoting it.

To celebrate having House of Cuts out in paperback, audiobook, and ebook forms, I’ll be offering House of Cuts ebooks free in the first five (changed that to two) days of Spring Break. I’ll offer it again free in the first three days of Summer Break. Watch for coming announcements.


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