Persistence wins again! After starting House of Cuts in 2005, I put it aside to care for darling hubby Jerry in 2006 when he lost his left leg above the knee to the complications of diabetes. He passed away in 2009, and it took some time to get back to working on House of Cuts, only to realize that it was two novels in one, so I had to disentangle the Hillary Broome story from the Amy story and rework the whole thing, then get it edited several times and polish it several times. Friends and family thought it would never be done, and I wondered at times, too.

Now, it’s out–epublished by Gorilla Girl Ink for ereaders. We hope to have it done as an audio book soon, as well. Then, when any wrinkles have been ironed out, produce it as a print book.

Overall, House of Cuts took seven years, about the time it took from start to finish to earn my PhD degree. We do NOT want to take seven years more for book two in the Hillary Broome series. This second book in the series, House of Dads, is finished in rough draft form; the goal now is to get it published as an ebook by the end of March 2013.

INTRODUCING HOUSE OF DADS: In December of 2005, reporter Hillary Broome attends the funeral and Irish wake of Uncle Robert, her dead father’s brother–a wealthy and powerful land developer in Northern California’s bull market, which pulls buyers from the San Francisco bay area, eager to snatch up houses inland at low prices. At the Irish wake, Uncle Robert’s son Teddy—Hillary’s cousin—collapses, clutching his throat, and dies. Along with others, Hillary assumes his death is an anaphylactic reaction to Czechoslovakian paprika in the goulash prepared by his twin sister Violet. As Uncle Robert’s will is read, it becomes clear that Violet gets to inherit Broome Construction Corporation only if Teddy is dead and if no male heirs are yet 18 years old.

As Hillary investigates the situation, she learns family secrets beyond the issue of obsessive patriarchal bias. Seems Uncle Robert was in cahoots with shady mortgage brokers and cousin Teddy had a jealous mistress, an interior designer who created the model home showrooms. In addition, disgruntled home buyers were about to sue BCC for slipshod construction that led to fatal mold infestations. Hillary digs into these stories and places her own life in danger as she rushes to discover the truth.

Then onward to House of Stone, book three in the series, which includes the Amy story. Book four, House of Hoops, is now just a story idea that features some bad NBA owners and the passionate upset they cause in a community.