This week my first Ezine article, “Reading and Writing Poetry to Release Childhood Pain,” came out! I am a newbie at being an ezine author and feel like a kid in a dim and perhaps haunted “house” since I don’t know my way around in ezine space! Shawn Hansen recommends writing articles and blogs as a way to attract readers and so far, 15 people have read my Ezine article, according to the nifty stats they publish at the bottom of the article page. I love how quickly the online “results” are available. I know, 15 is not much, but it’s something in that digital space, where before there was nothing at all.

This is my first blog post to the webpage, as well. A couple years ago, June in Writerland was active but more as a platform for sharing writing agonies with writing students at Delta College. Now budget cuts have killed all the creative writing classes there, ach! Entering the blogosphere again with this new webpage and blogging into these virtual settings, my eyes are wide eyes with amazement at the vast opportunities. Trying to learn as I go along, I will post my discoveries about this virtual new house that’s not yet a home as I stumble through its walls and halls, steps and stairs.

I’m working to get House of Cuts formatted and published as the first in the Hillary Broome series. Might use a formatter recommended by Michele Drier, author of the popular SNAP vampire series. Along with that, I’m trying to shape up my “Anne Lamott” really “shitty” first draft of Hillary Broome book #2, House of Dads. It’s such a shock to get back to last year’s Nanowrimo 50,000+ words and discover how bad they are! The stout yet tactful critiques from writer buddies in my support groups are pulling me along.

I plan to get back here a couple times a week and report on what doors I open and beings I uncover here in this thrilling and mysterious virtual Halloween House.

Onward! –jg